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NAIP Intensive Programme 2017

The NAIP Intensive Programme (IP) 2017 will be held 25 August – 3 September in Hafnarfjörður in Iceland, hosted by Iceland Academy of the Arts. The course is a collaboration of the institutions taking part in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership NAIP: Training Artists Without Borders. This is the 8th NAIP IP, which is a part of the NAIP collaborative master programme, focusing on building up a strong network amongst the NAIP partners and the enhancement of personal skills, self-confidence, community engagement, collaboration skills, peer evaluation and reflection. This year’s course has a focus on creative collaborative learning approaches in a cross-art setting. This entails working with cross-art collaboration, including skills such as developing concepts, stories, design, performance and dialogue with the community.

The course will take place in Hafnarfjörður, a neighbouring town of Reykjavík. It is situated about 30 minutes from Keflavík Airport. Students and staff will be accommodated around the centre of the town and the main working location will be the music school of Hafnarfjörður (also in the centre). In addition to this, students will have the opportunity to create collaborations with various locales in the community.

The program will start with introductory workshops led by teachers from the participating institutions. The group will also participate in some site-specific workshops, for example relating to the theme of elf-believe now and then. This workshop will include visiting elf-rocks and enchanted places to discover their history and their effects on urban planning, culture and daily-life of locals for hundreds of years. Participants will sense the connection between people and nature in the town, get to known the town, while opening the door to the veiled world of elves, ghosts and other hidden beings. Following the workshops, students will work on their own projects in interdisciplinary groups and will have access to all the course’s teachers will be available for mentoring and participating in the students’ projects.

For registration and further information please contact Edda Hall:

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to May 13

Street Performance Project

Street Performance Project
Where: Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen

Project description
The Street Performance Project is a cross-arts project working within a specific society context to create a vibrant festival of performances and installations. The students undertake a creative collaboration with performers they select from diverse artistic disciplines, identifying, organising and creating artistically and socially relevant work.

This project aims to create a new and innovative cross-arts performance, engaging with the local community and using their associated public and private space as a performance stage. It will explore the challenges of collaboration, making innovative art and generating a new audience. Through a series of creative workshops, individual tutorials and group coaching sessions, the participants will create an interactive event that will be navigated by discussions and interactions with the people and places of the local area. Working alongside the audience during the creative process will make a production that is relevant, diverse and meaningful.

-NAIP first and second year students.
-The NAIP creative ensemble
-The BA Creative Ensemble
-Students from the optional course Leading and Guiding
-International NAIP students

Artistic Leader & Content coach: Guy Wood.
Coordination: Tine Stolte& Timon Abels.
Facilitation: Support of the PCC OBP team concerning PR and organisation.

May 10-13

Oosterpoortwijk Groningen

We will explore possibilities of developing the work in the Oosterpoortwijk and find connections with residents and organisations in this area.

Application for international NAIP students
Write an e-mail to: Tine Stolte (

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to Dec 3

Leading & Guiding Intensive Week

Leading & Guiding Intensive Week. Collaboration with elementary schools and health institutions.

Where: Iceland Academy of the Arts
Leader: Sigrún Sævarsdóttir Griffiths from Guildhall School of Music & Drama.
Registration and further information: Please contact Sigurður Halldórsson (

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Rokkur - Improv Festival (IAA)
to Sep 18

Rokkur - Improv Festival (IAA)

Title of course: Rokkur - Imrov Festival 2016
Where: Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik (IAA)
Period: 14-17 September 2016
Level: BA/MA

Rokkur - Improv festival is a course in free improvisation taught by Anto Pett pianist and Anne-Liis Poll singer, from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and Alistair MacDonald, professor of Composition and Creative & Contextual Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. As well as attending workshops the students will also perform along with the teachers and IAA staff at various performance venues in Reykjavik.

How to apply
Contact Sigurður Halldórsson, programme director of NAIP at the IAA for further information (

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NAIP Introductory Course 2016
to Aug 27

NAIP Introductory Course 2016

The 7th edition of the NAIP Introductory Course will take place in Austria, hosted by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna ( and as an integrated part of the 26th edition of the International Summer Academy ( This high standard soloist- and chamber music course and the surroundings of small villages in the Austrian Alps will offer us a unique opportunity to blend the NAIP principles within a new and challenging context.

The Reichenau an der Rax/Semmering region traditionally hosted the Austrian emperor and his entourage during their annual escape from dry and dusty Vienna. It became not only the outpost for the lucky few, but also the area where artists such as writer Arthur Schindler, architect Adolph Loos and composers such as Arnold Schönberg and Gustav Mahler would find their retreat. The local community benefited from these summer residencies and adjusted to its role of hosting and serving distinguished guests, yet keeping its own playground for local culture somewhat separated. The area came to blossom when not only the spectacular Südbahn railway through the Alps brought immense locomotives and spectacular viaducts to its valleys, but also when in the late nineteenth century an ingenious system of tunnels and channels covering a distance of a hundred kilometers was created to provide the two million citizens of Vienna with clean drinking water from the underground wells and sources around Reichenau.

In these very special cultural and natural surroundings the ISA brings over one hundred talented students and teachers specialized in classical soloist- and chamber music to the area every year for concerts in historical places. Concerts that will attract visitors from all over the region and Vienna in particular. Just like in the old days. However, a real link to the local community has always been missing. This is where the NAIP Introductory course will come in. The NAIP staff and students are invited by both the ISA management and the community of Reichenau to create connections and organize events that will include the people living in Reichenau and the students visiting the region for this chamber music course.

Preparatory work has led to a range of options for our new NAIP students and teachers to tackle this task. The students will live together with some of the ISA students with space for shared warm-up exercises every morning and common dinners. This will help students from both courses to get to know each other and interact. Apart from that, there are established connections with local brassbands (prepared by Leonard Paul of Mnozil Brass), the local residency for the elderly, the holiday daycare for children whose parents have to work, a center for refugees, the local music school and a variety of interesting cultural and environmental places and sites. All of these activities were given the branding name “ein(heim)mischen”, which is a word play that combines two German words: Die Einheimischen(= indigenous/local residents), ein-mischen(= to blend - to interfere). To which our Austrian friends add: mischen possible!

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NAIP Introductory Course 2015
to Aug 29

NAIP Introductory Course 2015

  • Royal Conservatoire The Hague (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

During the two-year strategic partnership, two intensive courses will be held with students and teachers from the partner institutions. After five NAIP Introductory Courses in remote places surrounded by most beautiful and inspiring landscapes NAIP is in for a change. The next Introductory Course will be held in an urban context. The city of 's-Gravenhage (The Hague) will be the backdrop of this 9 day course in the inspiring surroundings of the Regentessekwartier. This part of town was built between 1880 and 1910 and now hosts a highly cultural and diverse population. Along the main street of this quarter, the lively Weimarstraat, the former indoor swimming pool De Regentes is located. This building was reconstructed into a fully equipped theatre in 2005 and now houses the Theatre De Nieuwe Regentes. This will be the base-camp for the NAIP Introductory Course. In and around this theatre students will develop small projects with and for the local community in all of its variety. The course will introduce the students to a creative-collaborative community of musicians from all over the world, combining music-making and entrepreneurship, in addition to giving the students an idea of what the NAIP programme stands for.

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