Oliver Baker (flute)

Royal Conservatoire The Hague
PIP: Symphony in the Suburbs.
Oliver created a business model for an ensemble performing arrangements of symphonic works at peoples homes and or to be performed in unexpected places for new audiences that would usually not visit traditional classical concerts.

Johanna Pitkänen (jazz piano)

Royal College of Music
PIP: Metsän väki – Forest Dwellers – Creating a collaborative, semi-improvised performance that combines music, visual art, dance and performance art
In her Professional Integration Project (PIP) pianist and composer Johanna Pitkänen worked collaboratively with a group of artists from different fields, including a sculptor, musicians and a dancer. The project resulted in a performance which took place on May 9th, 2016 in a former psychiatric hospital in Helsinki, Finland. The project explored the fruitful connections between different art forms and the use of an unconventional performance space. There was both written and improvised music in the performance, created with traditional instruments and sounding objects. More information.


Israel Castillo Hernandez (viola da gamba)

Royal Conservatoire The Hague
PIP: Solo for all / the one in all.
Israel started a series of solo-concerts that enable him to help financing a music school in Guatemala. Part of his port-folio is teaching at the Early Music Department of the University of Mexico City and his engagement with several Music & Dementia projects in The Netherlands.


Niels Vermeulen (composition)

Prins Claus Conservatorium
PIP: The Unexpected System
The Unexpected System is an artistic research project of sound designer, composer and visual artist Niels Vermeulen. In this research Vermeulen is on a journey for inspiration and creativity. In his quest he makes reflective drawings, random walks and talks, electronic music and conceptual performances.

Igor Demydczuk (piano)

Prins Claus Conservatorium
PIP: Lullaby CD
During the last decades our society has changed its structure. It has evolved into a multicultural and mixed nation's society. This has brought us challenges as well as responsibilities. The idea of this project is to create a “Lullaby CD” which represents our modern society in a realistic way. Next to the Dutch lullaby songs, it will contain traditional lullabies from the minority cultures of our country, sang in their original languages.

Guilherme Piedade (drums)

Royal College of Music
PIP: Visions | Sounds | Stockholm - A piece for Jazz trio and string quartet performed live with the screening of a documentary
“Visions | Sounds | Stockholm” was created for his Professional Integration Project (PIP) as a multimedia piece that integrates the screening of a documentary and a live music performance. The documentary focused on a small group of immigrants living in Stockholm. The ensemble was comprised of a string quartet, a piano, double-bass and drum set. Sounds hailing from the Jazz, Rock and Classical styles ran free and defied synchronicity with the film, the role of the music as “mere” soundtrack was challenged.  

Anne Korff de Gidts (cello)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: The string quartet as a model for collaboration in a corporative setting. 
A string quartet can contribute to training sessions offered to corporations and organisations that seek enhancement in the collaboration of their employees.

Sophie Wingland (voice)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Being the central collaborator! 
The particular skills for leading workshops in an educational setting can also be applied in other collaborative practices, including the creative process of a contemporary and cross-disciplinary music ensemble.


Timon Abels (voice, songwriting)

Prins Claus Conservatorium
PIP: Verliefd op de Wereld (In love with the world)
‘In love with the World’ is about how we, humans use and misuse the world. An intensive collaboration between professional and amateur artists results in producing an exhibition and a video clip. A Dutch song forms the basis of this project.

Emma Augustsson (cello, voice)

Royal College of Music
PIP: Simhallen – Vattenverk
Emma created an artistic performance including music and choreographed dance in a public swimming hall. With the aim to investigate the swimming hall as a room for performance, she worked creatively, together with both a composer and a dancer, with the sounds of the hall, the acoustic and playing both above and under water. 

Ingvill Espedal (voice)

Royal College of Music
PIP: Meetings between night and day - Creating a collaborative music performance for children aged 0–3 years
"Meetings between night and day" was a musical collaborative performance implemented in 3 kindergartens between March 17th and March 19th 2015. The target audience for the performance was children aged three years and under. The performance consisted of 11 folk songs and also integrated a visual presentation of pictures taken by a photographer.

Irene Novoa (voice, percussion)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: How can a fruitful combination of artistry, workshop leading and management, contribute to the musician's professional identity?
Irene performs in various bands that she is also managing, as well as she managed to build up a music school with over 80 students in a hospital.

Meike Portegies (bass-guitar, voice)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Raising awareness for disabilities in the context of a music-theatre performance. 
From her experience as workshop leader and teacher in schools for children with disabilities, Meike took elements to create a multi-disciplinary music-theatre performance.


Ari Hróðmarsson (trombone, conducting)

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Bland í Poka
Premiere of a piece by John Speight, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Tónskóli Sigursveins. The piece was written for and performed by 120 students and teachers of the school, conducted by Ari Hrodmarsson. During the rehearsal period he shared his musical approach to the performers which consists of three steps of natural and organic learning: perception, understanding, explanation.

Baiba Bartkevica (voice)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: 'Oh tell me true love' & Pierrot Lunaire.
Baiba created a music theatre production together with her father the Latvian actor Juris Bartkevic based on four classic monologues (Hamlet, Peer Guint a.o.) and John Dowland’s Love songs. Further she sung and conducted a semi-staged performance of Pierrot Lunaire in an art exhibition as part of Riga Cultural Capital of Europe 2014.

Chara Riala (classical guitar)

Prins Claus Conservatorium
PIP: MusiCamp 2014
A 5-day music project taking place in a village in Cyprus where 5 musicians shared the responsibility and creativity in preparing a concert using their own musical backgrounds and traditional music of the island.

Jesper Eriksson (saxophone)

Royal College of Music
PIP: My Improvisation Practice
The act of improvising in individual instrumental collaboration projects and performance.

Tanja Krivokapic (jazz piano)

Prince Claus Conservatoire
PIP: Improvisation exercises for piano and voice
The project is focused on developing, supporting and inspiring young musician's creative mind, especially classically trained pupils. The book that collects innovative musical improvisation exercises for piano and voice can help you awake, enrich your personal creative musical language.



Arndís Hreiðarsdóttir (voice, piano, composition)

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Bláskjár - Out of the hole, into the whole
musicians journey to finding and accepting her voice.

Catherine Maria Stankiewicz (cello)

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Oath to Nature III
"Oath to Nature III" was part of a three part series that I created and composed. It was performed as a music installation in the three locations: Sigtuna, Sweden´s oldest city, Ísafjördur, Iceland´s northenmost city, and in the garden of Einar Jónsson Art Museum in Reykjavík. 

Florian de Backere (composition, voice)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Two staged performances of self-written and composed shows Heimwegen and Holzwege
This composer/actor/singer-songwriter created and staged two music theatre pieces for which he not only wrote the texts, but also created the music, the set and the lighting plan. Florian performed Heimwegen in the NEW Festival 2013 and Holzwege in the Festival Classique 2014, both in The Hague. (Photo credit: Sarah Wijzenbeek).

Lazar Ostojic - Lazaruss Ostos (classical guitar, bass guitar) 

Prince Claus Conservatoire
PIP: Albatross Bass Bird Guitar
Designing and creating a new string instrument with both bass and classical guitar strings on one body and one neck. Discovering the sound possibilities, exploring new techniques and writing a book of methods for playing. Arranging and recomposing traditional folk songs from countries of Balkan and gathering audiences around fusion of music genres and different folk roots.


Alexandra Chernishova (opera singer) 

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Cycling Opera Singer in Search for New Audiences
Practice based research combining three outreach collaborative projects: The Girl from Kiev, Singing and Swimming and the opera In Skálholt.

Cornelia Zambila (violin, composition) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP:  A series of interactive concerts in which the ritual aspects of performances were explored and classical and contemporary music are mixed with traditional folkmusic.

Krista Pyykönen (violin) 

Royal College of Music
PIP: Many Memories, Many Stories
Participatory Music Project for Elderly People with Dementia – Music Pedagogical Applications for Elderly Care.

Nora Fischer (voice) 

Nora Fischer037.jpg

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: New forms of presenting vocal repertoire
Nora explored how artful lightning and the use of simple theatre means can help to create a totally different atmosphere for the presentation of songs. She did so in a cycle of songs by Osvaldo Golijov performed with the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble and in a theatre in which her audience could listen to a set of songs whilst Nora was preparing food (including some Icelandic 'hardfisk') in her 'kitchen'.

Vala Gestsdóttir (Composer)

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: The World of the Spheres
A cross-art collaborative project based on the poem The Singing of the Spheres by Þórunn Erla Valdimarsdóttir. (Photo credit: Þorfinnur Sigurgeirsson).



Örn Elías Guðmundsson (rock/electronic musician and vocal artist) 

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Mirstrument
Creating and developing technology, composing, arranging and performing methods for a new computer based electronic instrument.

Karin van der Veen (piano)

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Dad how was your work today / Papa's / Music bonbons
Creating concerts in which fathers with their daughters were portrayed both visual and in music that was specifically chosen or created by Karin. She also developed music bonbons: chocolate that once put in ones mouth, will produce sounds and music that can be 'heard' through the bones in the jaw.

Luca Brembilla (classical guitar) 

Prince Claus Conservatoire
PIP: “How could a deepening into non-canonic music representations, with particular interest to extreme forms, excite a musician’s creativity and improve his communication skills?”
The project consisted in the realization of a concert in Laugarneskirkja, Reykjavik within the RAFLOST Icelandic Festival of Electronic Arts in May 2013. Luca performed together with Icelandic professional musicians a special and innovative music program based on his research.

Sarah Nichols (harp, storytelling) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Modern Troubadours
A concept for workshops in which participants learn to express themselves in music combined with storytelling: workshops took place in The Netherlands, Nepal, Rumania and Zimbabwe.


Angélica Vazquez Salvi (harp) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Female Effects
Putting together an all-female ensemble, performing seven new pieces for harp & ensemble (with electronics) by female composers.

Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir (classical violin, voice, songwriting) 

Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Holistic musicians
How classical musicians can aim at taking their art and skills and use it in more than one way.



Anoek Brokaar (violin) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Music special
Applying creative workshops to prepare children with special needs to attend concerts with classical chamber music.

Frank Oppedijk (piano)  

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Verrassend klassiek / Surprisingly Classical
Organizing a seven concert series of classical chamber music, reaching out to new audiences in the city of Amersfoort.


Jón Gunnar Biering Margeirsson (classical guitar, voice, songwriting) 


Iceland Academy of the Arts
PIP: Creative music workshop and concert in Tasiilaq, East-Greenland
“New music on old foundations”
, uses elements from the traditional music from Iceland and Greenland to create new music.



Merel van Geest (soprano) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: The NEW Festival
Can the entrepreneurial gene be activated in music students, by having them do an exam in an external context?


Janneke Daalderop (soprano) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: I hate music (but I like to sing)
Stretching the conventions of the traditional lied-recital.

Marjolein Stots (alto) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Afterschool
Creating a youth opera about HIV and early pregnancy with students of the Melodi Music School in Soweto (SA) (in collaboration with Nikola Tosic).



Nikola Tosic (jazz trumpet) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Afterschool
Creating a youth opera about HIV and early pregnancy with students of the Melodi Music School in Soweto (SA) (in collaboration with Marjolein Stots).

Marcello Windolph (jazz-double bass) 

Royal Conservatoire
PIP: Free Improvisation with the Noyam Dance Group 
Exploring free improvised music with a contemporary dance group in Ghana.