Student Projects

#TheRightWay by
Alicia Achaques, NAIP, Iceland University of the Arts
Lucija Gregov, NAIP, Prince Claus Conservatoire

Project Description
Instructions 1
Instructions 2

Although most of the student projects were created and hosted on an online platform, one of the projects #therightway approached the themes of technophilia and social media dependency through social commentary offline and with help of creative systems.

This collaborative project was about creating a collection of instructions inspired by the Fluxus Workbook. These instructions served as way of bringing awareness of the behaviours, emotions, commitments, gestures and reactions which have developed and appeared in our everyday lives due to the constant exposure to the internet (social media, email, chat apps etc.). Drawing upon Joseph Beuys’s Social Sculpture Theory, the interest was to explore how life between online and offline systems and how students can create art that is relevant for both. The project places commentary or criticism on the existing online systems and people’s engagement with them.

The chosen form of presentation of the project to the public is street intervention in the form of stickers. Instructions that the students created were distributed around different cities as a street art performance outside the institutionalized settings of arts education. The students write: “We want to reach our audience in the ordinary moments while performing their everyday lives. That way we can connect with audience directly and escape the confines of art world patriarchy.”

The students reflected on the relevance of the project:

“Through the project, we can focus our attention on exploring how technology is affecting our own creative and relational habits. After the project we may reconsider our relationship with the digital world and how to connect with ourselves and our audiences. It will also introduce us to the digital art world allowing us to explore new media and therefore acquire new skills that may help us in the future to inspire new projects.”

In the end, one of the two students reflects on the impact of the project on her own artistic development and how it relates to her expanding sense of musicianship:

“I had a chance to develop a project that crosses the boundaries of my personal preconceived concept of what it means to be a musician and an artist. The chance to talk and get inspired by some of the prominent contemporary artists during the artist talks has been one of the crucial elements for me to rethink my artistic practice and establish a new and innovative way of approaching art making. I have been able to embrace new possibilities such as working between online and offline systems and creating art that doesn’t necessarily has to be related to the sound but reaches more into a sphere of performance art. This has been a rather liberating experience since I believe creativity occurs as an expression across different art disciplines and different ideas require different mediums to be expressed by.”

SheHe by
Bragi Árnason, NAIP, Iceland University of the Arts
João Amaro, Master of Music, Prince Claus Conservatoire

This project consisted of creating an unpredictable soundtrack for a video clip. Various people contributed to the soundtrack with their own recordings, without having access to what other musicians were playing. The result was assembled and edited into the final soundtrack.

Video was edited by Bragi and soundtrack edited by João.

Syrian Violoncellissimo Online by
Karoun Baghboudarian, Instrumental Learning and Teaching, Prince Claus Conservatoire
Mark Buitenwerf, Master of the Arts, Academy Minerva at Frank Mohr institute

A video-installation ”The Syrian Mosaic” was exhibited at ”The World We Live In” festival on May 21st, 2017. The installation featured the four cellists in a fragmented video projection apart from each other, yet connected by the music they played. It was part of the cross-art collaboration of Mark Buitenwerf and Karoun Baghboudarian. 

Performers: Mohammad Namek (Syria), Salah Namek (Italy), Athil Hamdan (Germany), Karoun Baghboudarian (Netherlands).

Journey - An Exploration of Sacred Spaces by
Mervin Wong, The Yong Siew Toh Conservatoire Singapore
Rachel Ho, The Yong Siew Toh Conservatoire Singapore
Michela Amici, NAIP, Royal Conservatoire of The Hague

Rokkur by
Sarah Albu, NAIP, The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague
Reuben Fenemore, NAIP, Iceland University of the Arts
Heðin Ziska Davidsen, NAIP, Iceland University of the Arts