Staff Training in Visby

In the end of May, the first staff training event of the NAIP Strategic Partnership was held in Visby, Sweden.

This event focused on innovative learning approaches within the sphere of creative collaborative practice in a cross art context.  The participating teachers were introduced to various working approaches in a cross art environment. The seminar offered a learning by doing approach, where each participant held a short workshop presenting their own practice. Although the teachers were invited to train in a safe environment, they stepped outside their comfort zone, thereby becoming students themselves, experiencing the learning approaches first hand.

The workshops focused on interdisciplinary art making in the context of Visby, Sweden. The group set up a laboratory in which the members of the cross arts working group collaborated in cross art making processes in order to look into approaches, environments, activities, conditions and tools, which might facilitate, support and stimulate this kind of collaboration and creative learning process.

All participants were invited to prepare a working form or activity which opened up a core/specific aspect of their discipline. The emphasis of the workshop was on learning more about specifics features or approaches or ways of working of the different art forms. Everyone was invited to work with the following theme: Language. The theme could relate to various aspects of the notion of language: Communication through art, non-verbal communication, the variety of language presented through different art forms.