Atli Ingólfsson

Interviewed by Sigurður Halldórsson



I work with concepts of variety - experiments in different fields of music and theatre. Each work is a project/research in itself. Each time approaching a new thing I want to discover.


It is important to give clear proposals and make the collaborators understand that it is a proposal where a common version (rather than compromise) or new version will follow.
A key point is having the courage to state your ideas very clearly, to create an energy, a creative dialogue between you and your collaborators. I can not see how an idea can be created by two or more people simultaneously. There is always a dialogue and you always have to be very open in a collaborative process.
At first I had more experience at working with text, metrics and poetic studies.
I have written three operas or music theatre pieces that incorporate action and movement on stage just as well or extend the music composition into stage movements. Music patterns and polyphonic techniques like canon are extended into movement and stage action.


To state your ideas clearly and face the consequences. If you don’t challenge the others it is not interesting
There is no relation between the perception of sound and image. It never comes together in the brain. They are always perceived separately.