Ria Marks


Interviewed by Sigurður Halldórsson



Theatre making/Music-theatre where all participants have the same importance in telling the story, both in a physical and musical and even verbal way of communication.


Searching for a common language for each project depending on the background of the participants by using exercises which everybody takes equal part in. With the diverse background there will be different qualities and different elements that will determine the musical and physical language which will tell the story.
Removing the boundaries between different practitioners in the project by letting everybody experience what it means do do a certain kind of exercise. By this exploration,the group acquires a shared background and everybody understands each others position. Then we develop it further into a specific language for each project, using the skills of everybody built on that foundation.


There are always moments that you meet some difficulties with the difference between what you have in your fantasy and what is the practical situation. And sometimes these moments give you opportunities and different possibilities. Learning to be open to see what is happening in the moment, and what everybody has to offer, compared to what you had in mind, and see what this brings into the process, are key moments of learning.