Sverrir Guðjónsson

Interviewed by Sigurður Halldórsson



I am interested in finding the core or root of what I want to do. It is important to allow the ideas to be unclear and to listen carefully to where the project wants to go - without letting it all go out of control - allowing mistakes.


My practice has developed into being more connected to different artforms. But the music somehow is maybe the most important - then finding other practices in art that can in some way support the music.


To find a way to work collaboratively I start to think about what kind of people or artists would be the right people for the project. Musicians, theatre artists, video artists. It is important to involve various artists and bring the best out of everyone. I need to be prepared to wait and allow the project to take a long time.
Trust is so important - maybe in the beginning I did not trust myself - it’s too much, too difficult, you will not get the support. [...] It is also about trusting other people with the ideas. The tendency is to protect. But you need to trust and allow the collaborators to enter and see what they can contribute to enhance the idea.