Cross-Arts Practice

um weiter zu kommen, mussten die Segler zur Zeit der grossen Entdeckungen lernen, zu kreuzen!

to reach new territory, the sailors had to learn to cross at the time of the great discoveries!
— Renald Deppe, 2018.

The cross-arts process is a unique dialogue between creative minds attempting to realise new manifestations of society and the ever morphing journey of co-existence. As much as the term ‘Cross-Arts’ is defined it is immediately re-defined due to the fundamental specific needs of the individual voices involved.

In our attempts to shed light on this process within a 2nd cycle context we have brought together the voices of several practitioners that inspire and enlighten us within this topic.

An interview is about the transfer of information, a bi-directional exchange of thoughts, learning, beliefs and wisdom. We are continuing this channel of communication in order to inform our future work and to aid in the development of new art.

The following interviews will hopefully guide you in our explorations of the working practises, advise and issues experience by our talking heads along their creative journey. We have based these interviews on four primary questions:

  • Could you describe your artistic practice?

  • What defines your practice as being cross arts?

  • How are you approaching cross arts collaboration(s)?

  • What have been your key learning moments related to cross arts making or collaboration?

We also added the 5th investigative question, why? 

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