Sean Gregory

Director of Learning & Engagement, Barbican, London

Interviewed by Tine Stolte



The process and the outcomes is not purely artistic, it’s creative all the way, but it’s social, it’s learning and participatory based, it’s holistic, it’s human, it’s off the moment.


If I have a room of musicians, theatre practitioners, actors, dancers, artists, visual artists - any one of these combinations - the process would begin away from the tools we would usually use to create and produce things.
I generally feel that there is a very strong connection in what I was often doing as a practitioner, composer, workshop leader, project leader and what I do now as a director… is setting out to do a lot of similar things - in getting people to think beyond what they would normally do, to think outside of the box, to think outside of their immediate job, to think beyond their immediate discipline or sector, to think about where connections can be made and how these connections can be used to make new paradigms.


“This is what I do and this is what I don’t do” - I think that is where the barriers come up. People have permission to step into a new space, they can explore they can take risks and your doing it on an equal basis

Full interview to be published during November 2018.

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